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Hi, I'm Jessica Schlenker.

I'm a geek, and proud of it. I do website design, computer based artwork, tshirt design and corporate helpdesk. You may also know me as Sidial or KeepersHeir, depending on the community or venue you're coming from.

This is the site for my own freelance work, interests, and hobbies. I've designed and built a number of websites, including one that earned a Best Of The Web Award. As you can see from here, I like a page that's clear, consistent, smooth and easy to navigate.

My artwork is a newer endeavor, and currently not one I am practicing, although I intend to pick it back up at some point. It started as a hobby, and I started selling at the suggestion of friends. Please take a look at what I'm working on, and by all means give me feedback. With the basics down, I'm developing a style as I go.

Feel free to check out my pages, and contact me with any inquiries.

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