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- A useful little site for getting cash back from purchases made when you go through their website first.
is the company I go through for web hosting. It's a solid company, and I've been very happy with them for the last six years.
ElendorMUSH is Tolkien-based virtual world. I warn you now that role-playing, otherwise known as RP, is addicting. Not even the rush of playing Half-Life can compare. If you had a life before, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! If you don't have a life, it is just possible that you might aquire some semblence of one. ;) I know I have. Here's the link. Go RP!

ElendorMUSH Hompage
Baen Publishing
Here's the link to Baen Publishing's main page, from whence you can find the link to Baen's Bar...amongst other things.

(P.S....Check out the Baen Free Library!)
PHPFreaks.com is a wonderful resource for learning PHP. Until I stumbled across this site, my forays into the wild world of PHP coding were quickly abandoned without me accomplishing much.
Visual Paradox - Another great site for desktop backgrounds. Where I got the desire to learn how to do 3D graphics.
SETI@Home program Home page - Help us find other life! Or at least really cool astronomical phenomena!
PHP.net is the definitive source of all things PHP. It is home to the folks who created the language in the first place, as well as the manual for PHP.
The MySQL manual. Required bookmark for all would-be MySQL databasers. Why use flatfile when you've got MySQL?
IconoMaker is a nifty, multi-size icon editor I found, created by Icon Empire. Third program in less than an hour I found, but the only one that, gasp, did what I needed it to do. Check it out.

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